7 Ways To Check Louis Vuitton Designer Handbags Authenticity

Imagine purchasing Louis Vuitton designer handbags over the internet, thinking that you bought from a reputable source and got a great deal as well, only to have a very well made fake Louis Vuitton handbag sent to your front door.

Worst of all, you don’t learn this fact until a few weeks or months later. Of course, if you bought a normally $1800 bag for a couple of hundred dollars than, yeah…..Of course it won’t be the real deal.

Spotting The Difference Between Fake And Real Louis Vuitton Designer Handbags

However, there are some real convincing fake Louis Vuitton products out there and to avoid getting scammed out of $1300 or more dollars, let’s look at how to tell the difference between a fake and a real Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Designer Handbags

7 Ways To Check Authenticity of Louis Vuitton Designer Handbags and Other Products By LV

  1. Look closely at the stitching of the material It should all be perfect and in line. The straps and anywhere else  should have flawless stitching. Any sloppy or cross stitching is a sign of a fake LV.

Louis Vuitton Designer Handbags Louis_Vuitton_Designer_Handbags

2. Upside Down LV Logo on the back of the bag. Not all authentic bags have upside-down LV’s, but many do, if the design was made with one continuous, seamless piece of leather that wraps completely around the bag.

Louis Vuitton Designer Handbags

3. If the seller is offering the bag at a huge discount, chances are good that they are selling fakes as though they were the real thing. Example would be if a normally priced real LV bag is $1600 plus and the seller wants only $150 but insists it is a genuine bag, good sign that it is a fake.

4. Trust your instinct. If you get the sense that there is something not quite right with the Sellers’s claims, trust your instinct and walk away from that potential purchase. Usually that is a sign that that there is something wrong.

5. Avoid any sellers claiming they have bags from a “wholesale list” or “closeout liquidation”. Louis Vuitton does not have liquidation sales for their bags or any other product line.

6. When you look at the bag handle strap, a real Louis Vuitton bag will have leather edges and the middle will likely be a coated canvas. If the edges feel slippery (opposite of leather, it is likely fake. If you can’t see it in person make sure you get pictures from the seller that are clear and up close so you can examine the stitching work.

7. Are you buying your Louis Vuitton handbags from the local street vendor? LV never uses or endorses street vendors to sell authentic Louis Vuitton.

(Bonus) 8. Authentic bags will have the LV logo that has brown lines through it where the fake ones don’t.

 real lv logo

Sort of a bonus… 9. If your brand new authentic Louis Vuitton Neverfull looks like the picture below, it is likely a fraud 🙂

authentic louis vuitton neverfull

Of course the last one is a little bit of humor there, but you get the idea. There you have actually 8 ways to spot Louis Vuitton Designer Handbags Authenticity.

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